The Museum is temporarily closed due to the construction of the archaeological section


The Museum’s set up aims to rediscover the roots, history and culture of Paulilatino’s community, through objects of common use.

The Museum hosts an articulated ethnographic exhibition. There are objects and furnishing elements, tools and machines of peasant technologies that were part of the local community’s life 60-70 years ago.

The visit allows you to get to know, through everyday objects, the way of life of a traditional agro-pastoral community.


A collection of furnishings, tools and various materials, set up to recreate the environments of a traditional house: the courtyard with the lapidary, the yoke of the ox cart, stone wheels and other tools, the dining rooms and bedrooms, the cellar…

It is possible to find in their context the working tools and products such as bread, sweets or embroideries and read up on the weaving and production of cheese.